Nicolás Giecco

Córdoba, Argentina. He studied Composition, Arrangement and Production at La Colmena Escuela de Músicos. He specializes in sound design for multimedia contents as well as in composition for chamber music. He is an active member and composer of contemporary music for important ensembles like Suono Mobile, where he investigates and experiments in New Music languages. In April 2014 he participated in Cergy Pontoise (France) in a competition where he premiered a work of his authorship. In 2016, he won the Goethe Institut scholarship to attend the prestigious summer composition Darmstadt courses in Germany. He is part of the production staff of the International Forum of New Music. He works in different platforms such as Ableton Live, Logic, Pro Tools and Pure Data for electronic real-time processes, patch programming, production, etc. Among his artistic pursuits, he also develops sound sculptures and multimedia installations, being the most noticeable, for example, the intervention he made with the German illustrator Birgit Weyhe (commissioned by the Goethe Institut) for his live presentation, as a comprehensive work of musicalization and real-time sound, as well as an interactive work for the German Performer Angnes. He also works as a Teacher of "Techniques of Production for Cinema and Tv", "Composition of the Grading Cycle" at La Colmena Escuela de Músicos", and "Music and New Technologies" at "Colegio Maestro Herbert Diehl", a high school for young musicians.